AG Rutledge: State, Federal Medical Marijuana Contradictions Depend On Federal Prosecutors | KASU

“As the attorney general, you are absolutely right. I was very upset any time President Obama would use an executive order to go beyond the scope of the authority given to him as president. And basically, he was trying to stand in the place of Congress,” she said. “These executive orders by the president are not doing that. If this president, and any president, goes beyond the scope of his or her authority, then we would push back on it. But that’s what President Obama did. He was constantly going beyond the scope. The agencies were, whether it was the EPA, the Department of Labor, which we were very successful in putting a hold on the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, which was gone into effect in December. We had some big wins, and it was because the courts recognized that President Obama went beyond the scope of his authority.”


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